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Madison Palmer aka MeowWow started her music career in 2001 co-hosting the popular EDM radio show "Counter Culture" on GrooveRadio (the #1 internet radio station for dance music). 

Madison began her professional DJ career performing at major club events in Hollywood, SF, Miami, and NYC at iconic venues such as Avalon, Spundae, Nikki Beach, Cinespace, Ivar for over a decade. Known for her energetic, progressive style and infectious beats, Madison has performed alongside major artists such as Steve Aoki, Cosmic Gate, & James Zabiela. 

In 2014 Madison faced a trifecta of life-changing events in marrying her music and soul partner, becoming a miracle mother, and defeating ovarian cancer.  Embracing the alchemy of these transformative experiences, Madison immersed herself in her musical craft and has reemerged as a full-blown electronic music producer embodied as the feline goddess: MeowWow. 

MeowWow's unique musical style combines rich, progressive melodies with epic synths and driving techno beats to create thematic soundscapes purr-fect for ecstatic flow state activities such as dancing, gaming, running, and driving.

MeowWow's debut EP, "Neon Garden," was self-released in mid 2020 and has garnered over 1 million streams and close to 50k followers in its first year.