Swedish American artist Madison Palmer aka MeowWow started her music career in 2001 co-hosting the popular EDM radio show "Counter Culture" on GrooveRadio (the #1 internet radio station for dance music).  

She has played alongside Eddie Haliwell at Godskitchen, showcased alongside James Zabiela on Power Tools and opened up for Cosmic Gat and Steve Aoki.  Her infectious grooves a delicious combination of progressive house, melodic house, techno, organic, and surprises in between - all the ingredients to take you on a journey. 

In 2005 she made it to the top 10 of the Beauty and the Beats Contest sponsored by BPM Magazine and Rockstar.  She has played at Avalon, Spundae, Club Heaven at Vanguard, Spider After Dark, LA Standard  Hotels, Here Lounge, WMC Miami, Burningman, Proton Radio, White Lotus, Cinespace, Nikki Beach Miami, Ivar, Grooveradio.com, Sirius Satellite Radio, and Blowfish Lounge month many others. 

She took a break from Djing to learn the craft of music production. Her debut EP Neon Garden has accumulated over 1 million streams across platforms. 

With new music in hand she is ready for the next adventure. A passion for creating a journey, a state of flow where one can escape, and celebrating in dance! 

Stay tuned for her new releases coming out on UK label Krafted Underground this year 2022.  First release “Dream Rider” is scheduled for June 24th, 2022 with many more to follow including a massive EP release at the end of summer featuring singer/songwriter Meredith Bull. 

You can see MeowWow streaming live on Twitch every Thursday. 

Stay in the Meow! 

Unreleased Tracks

Melodic House and Techno - Perhaps nothing defines the state of human activity over past 18 months better than "temporal dislocation" or anxiety.  Present Moment is group therapy and personal antidote to this worldly anxiousness. Angelic voices and progressive beats remind us to stay present in the eternal now, recognize the underlying beauty in every moment and keep the faith.

Progressive House - An uplifting soundscape that invites listeners on a shamanic joyride to dreamland.  The deep and soulful male vocals complement a groovy bassline that hooks you right away.  A perfect fit for a night ride, a creative flow session, or a fantasy film. 

Melodic House and Techno - Inspired by our small child's imagination and sampled vocalizations to looking up at the night sky and observing the living wonder of the universe. A child's personal realization that the stars in the sky are  living beings dancing together in bliss, harmony and joy.